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Dear Fellow Weston Community Members,

I am writing to support the re-election of Danielle Black to the Weston School Committee. In my opinion, Weston is very fortunate to have Danielle’s leadership and tireless dedication on our school committee.

Over the last nine years on the Weston School Committee and before that as PTO president, she has proven time and time again that she is passionate about the well being of our students and the high quality of our schools. Beyond simply her impressive work ethic and willingness to volunteer countless hours to the job, she has used her skills as an attorney to develop a very strong understanding of the many layers involved in her position including education law and the intricacies of union contracts. Personally, I am always impressed with her immediate responsiveness to concerns both big and small and her willingness to listen and understand all sides of an issue. She has an incredible ability to find common ground and work to find a solution that benefits many. She is logical, thoughtful and passionate about supporting and promoting the needs of our students, and she is committed to ensuring that our schools support each and every one of our students.

As an experienced and well respected member of the Weston School Committee, Danielle has lead Weston through several important tasks including but not limited to the hiring of an interim superintendent, two superintendent searches and the hiring of our superintendent Dr Midge Connolly. In addition, Danielle has served on our school budget subcommittees, she has eloquently, thoughtfully and confidently presented at town meetings and she has participated in multiple curriculum reviews.

Danielle is smart, passionate, reliable, thoughtful and kind. She is accessible, responsive and a natural leader. She has proven that she is never satisfied until the job is done and done well. Given this complicated and critical time we are currently facing as a community, we need the experience, leadership and knowledge that Danielle brings to our school committee. I am voting for Danielle because I know I can rely on her to do what is needed to support our students in these unprecedented times. Please join me in voting for Danielle Black for the Weston School Committee on September 10th. If not in person, please consider voting for Danielle in advance by vote-by-mail or absentee ballot. Thank you.

Wink Van Ogtrop

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