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I am writing in support of Danielle Black for re-election to the Weston School Committee.

We face many challenges as we strive to educate our children in today’s world. However, these challenges also present us with opportunities. Opportunities to further the work of providing a high-quality education in a changing landscape that is safe and equitable for all in our school community. Perhaps, even ones that create a platform for innovation to build upon when viewed retrospectively.

Whatever obstacles we face, we continue to need experienced School Committee leaders. Members who have deep knowledge of the Weston Public Schools, who are well-versed in all facets of daily operations, who have long-standing, strong relationships with administration, faculty and staff, and who have a track record of success.

As a former member of the School Committee, I have learned success is made possible by leaders who thoughtfully question how we can improve, who look beyond our own community for inspiration and guidance, and who understand that collaboration is the key to continued prosperity. It is driven by leaders who recognize that differing viewpoints and constructive debate are the path to fostering best practices for our children; leaders who are willing to make difficult decisions to ensure our students receive the excellent education this community has come to expect.

Danielle Black is this kind of leader and has consistently demonstrated these qualities during her tenure with the Weston School Committee. She is an experienced, passionate advocate for our children with a proven record of executing her responsibilities with respect for the taxpayers of Weston. Her sincere desire to improve our schools is an asset to our community that cannot be taken for granted.

Please join me in re-electing Danielle Black to our School Committee.

Rosemary Tomaso

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