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I am writing to enthusiastically support Danielle Black for re-election to the Weston School Committee.  I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle on the School Committee since 2015, and have known Danielle both as a friend and through her service to the Weston Public Schools for more than ten years.  I believe that Danielle possesses the skills, experience, and commitment to our students that are necessary for effective school committee leadership and that are so desperately needed in this difficult time of COVID-19.


Danielle saw her two children through the Weston Public Schools, her youngest graduating in 2018, and has been serving the district almost since they first enrolled.  Danielle’s many roles in the Weston Public Schools have included PTO president and nine years on the School Committee, several of those years as chair.  Danielle dedicates a staggering number of hours to her work for the schools, listening and responding to parents and community members, and supporting school administration.  Danielle is not afraid to make difficult decisions if they are in the best interest of the schools, our students and our families.


Since joining the School Committee, the projects and committees that Danielle has been involved in include WEEFC, budget, PTO, superintendent searches, multiple rounds of union negotiations, review of teacher leadership, and curriculum advancement, as well as pivotal roles in the High School Science Wing, Procter Field and Case House renovations.  Her breadth of experience is tremendously valuable and complements well the current School Committee mix of two members in their first term and two members in their second term.  In addition, the perspective gained through having shepherded children through the entire WPS experience is an asset in making decisions that are best for all of our students.


It is especially important that we retain Danielle’s skills, perspective, and experience now as we face the unprecedented challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please join me in supporting and voting for the re-election of Danielle Black to School Committee at the Town Election in September, or in advance by mail-in or absentee ballot. 


John Henry

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