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I write to express my support for Danielle Black’s candidacy for School Committee.  Danielle and I first met more than a decade ago when our children were in elementary school, and she and I served on the PTO Board.  We continued to work together in support of the Weston Public Schools, she as a member and Chair of School Committee, and I as a member and Chair of the WEEFC Board.  While her children have aged out of the school system, her dedication to the schools is complete and unwavering, and her work ethic is second to none. 


Danielle’s long history of working on behalf of the Weston Public Schools as a parent, and now as a member of the community without children in the system, affords her an important perspective because although the schools are vital to students and parents, they are also important and receive essential support from the community at large.  While all parties agree on the goal of providing a superb education, often the path to achieve it requires a recognition and balancing of varied interests from stakeholders.  This is Danielle’s greatest strength.  She understands not only concerns of current students and parents but also those of the greater Weston community.


Serving on School Committee is no easy task.  We are all passionate about maintaining excellence, and are not shy about expressing our views.  Over the years, Danielle has heard from many community members including parents, students, teachers, staff, and residents without children in the schools.  It’s often difficult to find the right balance, but Danielle never shies away from having a conversation with anyone in an effort to understand their perspective.  Danielle is a tireless advocate for the WPS, and I hope that you’ll follow my lead and support her in the upcoming election.

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