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Construction Projects

Danielle has been involved in two significant projects. The High School Science Wing, completed in 2012, was one of her initial assignments as a member of the School Committee. She was the School Committee representative on the project, which had a 14-month construction duration with weekly project meetings.  As the temporary voting member to the Permanent Building Committee, she worked collaboratively with the other members of the Permanent Building Committee, the Owner’s Project Manager, and the Facilities Department to deliver a building that meets the educational needs of Weston’s students. The project finished on time and within budget.

Danielle was the School Committee representative on the Case House renovation project. She was involved with the project since the inception, starting with the needs assessment and continuing through the design/budget process and the 13-month construction schedule. Danielle was the temporary voting member to the Permanent Building Committee and worked collaboratively with the Historical Commission’s designee to ensure that the project resulted in an adaptive reuse that was sensitive to the historical significance of Case House. The project was completed on time and within budget.


Collective Bargaining and Hiring


Danielle has been an active member of the district’s bargaining teams, many times taking the role of lead negotiator. She has helped the district complete three rounds of successful negotiations in 2013, 2016, and 2019. Danielle has negotiated with five of the six units: MTA -WEA (teacher’s union); MTA - WAPA (office aides, instructional aides, technology support); AFSCME Buildings & Grounds (custodians and grounds crew); and AFSCME Cafeteria. Danielle’s approach to negotiations includes balancing respect for the employees who make Weston Public Schools so special and awareness that budget growth is an area of concern to the residents. She believes employees should be valued and appropriately compensated and that it is incumbent on the school committee to identify and implement efficiencies when suitable


Danielle has also been through multiple Superintendent searches. In 2015, the School Committee voted to hire a seasoned and retired Superintendent to serve in an interim role.  Dr. Brackett brought a sense of ‘can do’ attitude to the District. Collaboratively with the School Committee, Dr. Brackett conducted a “Why Not Weston” survey, which amassed feedback on why families opt out of Weston Public Schools. Information gleaned from that survey, informed and influenced future district plans. Danielle co-lead the process in hiring Weston’s current Superintendent, Dr. Connolly.

Program Reviews

Program reviews

During Danielle’s tenure on the School Committee, the district has launched eight Program Reviews. They include: Health & Wellness, Science, Visual Arts, World Language, Special Education, ELA/Drama, Mathematics, and Guidance. The Guidance review was added to the cycle at the specific request of School Committee.

Program Reviews include an internal self-study phase, an external review phase conducted by a team of educators, and an implementation phase. The process is led by faculty and administration and includes collaboration with community members, families, faculty, staff, administrators, and high school students. The School Committee’s role is to frame questions for both phases, ensure that all stakeholders are heard, and decided which suggestions to implement, with the objective that changes meet student need, align with district goals, and match budgetary resources.

The Mathematics review and Guidance review are in process. The Mathematics external committee visited the district in February 2020 and submitted its final report in May 2020. The visit by the external committee for the Guidance review was postponed due to COVID-19. Work will resume on both of these reviews in the fall. Danielle is eager to be part of this work.

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