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The ongoing pandemic has reminded us all too well: experience, expertise, and hard work matter a great deal, especially in a crisis.  For this and many other reasons, I encourage voters to reelect Danielle Black to the School Committee.  The choice is obvious.  


In addition to her law degree and background in secondary education, Danielle has nine years’ experience and institutional knowledge on the School Committee, almost twice that of the next most senior members in a relatively new group.  With this experience and knowledge, Danielle is able to appreciate and assess the multiple considerations and stakeholders that must be taken into account by the School Committee and administration; these include students most of all – but also parents, faculty, staff, facilities, state and federal law, collective bargaining agreements, and the list goes on.  


Danielle is also the only candidate in this race to have undertaken multiple rounds negotiating collective bargaining agreements with faculty and staff, plus multiple cycles with the administration and Finance Committee examining, understanding, and debating our schools’ financial needs and constraints.  Based on all this, Danielle is realistic and understands that good ideas and ideals are fine in a vacuum, but due to fiscal, collective bargaining, and other constraints, we can’t adopt or implement every good idea nor achieve every ideal (many of which are competing), even in Weston.  


Instead, the School Committee must prioritize and make hard decisions.  Fortunately, in addition to her experience and expertise, Danielle has shown the leadership and fortitude to do that, recognizing that these decisions are complex and that pleasing everyone is rarely possible.  Even when I've disagreed with her myself, I’ve respected Danielle’s knowledge and experience and the multiple inputs she’s rightly taken into account – and she is always willing to speak with anyone, no matter their position or how much she might agree or disagree with them.  


Finally, Danielle is probably the hardest working town or school volunteer in Weston; very few could come close to matching the hours she puts into her work on the School Committee.  This reflects her unparalleled dedication and commitment to Weston’s schools, not just for her own two children but for her niece and nephew and all of our children.  This demonstrated commitment is rare and quite unlikely to be matched.  


Heading into our first full school year with an ongoing pandemic, Danielle’s experience, expertise, and hard work are invaluable.  Please vote to reelect Danielle Black for School Committee (and if you'd like to learn more about Danielle before voting, please join the Candidates Night event online on August 27). 


Christopher Houston,

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