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I have known Danielle Black for almost twenty years and the only thing that exceeds her intellect, hard work and commitment is her integrity.  The role of School Committee is often misunderstood. Yes, they work on the headline objectives that parents care about like curriculum, sports, faculty and class size, but there are also the less glamorous and more challenging responsibilities of negotiating union contracts, maintaining a balanced budget, managing deferred maintenance on our aging facilities and balancing the diverse opinions of the Weston community. This is perhaps what I respect most about Danielle, she listens, internalizes and attempts to understand each opinion and perspective. As a past parent she does not make it personal and therefore is able to delineate what is best for the entire community and not a particular constituency.  With the new pressures of the pandemic there has never been a time where we need to lean on Danielle’s experience and thoughtfulness more.  With a young niece and nephew in Weston elementary, Danielle remains personally vested and balanced. I can’t imagine voting to lose her voice, leadership and experience during these turbulent times. I strongly support Danielle Black for School Committee. 



Charles J. Abrams 

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