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I am writing in enthusiastic support of Danielle Black for School Committee. Danielle has worked tirelessly for our schools throughout her nine years on the School Committee, and in that time she has gained an unmatched level of insight and understanding into the schools’ operations.

Through her involvement in the hiring of the Superintendent and four of the five current school principals Danielle has helped Weston assemble a superstar team of school administrators who will help lead our schools through this challenging time.

Right now, when our schools need to be nimble, fast-acting and creative, Danielle’s hard-earned knowledge and perspective are vital and irreplaceable. In March when our schools had to act quickly Danielle was instrumental in enabling Weston to be among the first districts in the State to protect our students and close its schools.

Protecting our students is something Danielle always looks to do. She regularly reminds the School Committee of our obligations to all Weston students. Whether it's achievement gaps, METCO, student services, honors and AP or the kids in the middle, Danielle frequently reminds other committee members and the administrative team of the responsibility to be inclusive.

As a member of the School Committee in my first term, I have relied on Danielle’s advice on all manner of subjects ranging from the mundane and procedural to the serious and substantive, and I still have so much to learn from her. No matter how big or small the question Danielle is an amazing resource and always ready to share her knowledge. She has shown me how best to serve the community as a School Committee member through her example. Danielle listens to parents and community members and takes their concerns seriously; she always seems to have just gotten off a call with one parent and is about to get on another parent call.

Throughout her tenure Danielle’s hard work and commitment to Weston’s schools and community have been evident and now more than ever they are also necessary.

Please join me in voting for Danielle Black for School Committee in person on Thursday, September 10th or by mail-in ballot.


Anita Raman

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