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I'm writing to support the re-election of Danielle Black to the Weston School Committee.  Over the past five years I've had the chance to work closely with her on the School Committee, and I continue to be impressed with the tireless dedication, experience, perspective and skills that she brings to the table.  Danielle has volunteered for 9 years on the School Committee and as PTO president before that. I think her willingness to keep serving is a very tangible asset to the town - especially in this moment of uncertainty for our schools and our children.  


This is a contested election for one open seat.  To me, it's no contest.  Danielle has so much experience and is up the learning curve.  Danielle is a workhorse - the amount of time she dedicates to our schools is incredible.  I estimate that during her seven years as chair and vice-chair of the committee that she has spent roughly 600 hours of time with four different superintendents and their teams, before including  the regular committee meetings.  She has actively participated in multiple rounds of public employee union negotiations, which is a valuable skill set that few of our residents have direct experience with.  She has actively participated in the hiring of one interim superintendent, two searches and was instrumental in the hiring our current Superintendent, Dr. Midge Connelly.  She has been in a leadership position during several assistant superintendent and principal searches and hires. She has served on the school budget subcommittee and has been through multiple budget cycles.  During these 9 years she has been through several curriculum reviews, and can tell you whether we have finished executing on the goals that came out of each of these.  She was the committee’s lead representative on the Case House building project and the new science wing at the High School, which I estimate required another 400 hours of volunteer time.  She's an attorney and has learned a lot of education law and has a deep understanding of our six separate union contracts and our collective bargaining obligations.  Given the crisis mode we're operating in, i think that it is imperative that we re-elect Danielle rather than having to wait for any new member to come up the very steep learning curve that each of us has experienced when joining the committee.   


Please join me in voting for Danielle on Thursday, September 10th, or in advance via vote-by-mail or absentee ballot.


Alex Cobb

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